We are surrounded by a natural, cultural and social environment to which we give great value and importance in our project.


Morocco is a country with incalculable environmental value that has endless natural settings such as the Merzouga Desert, the Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic coast.

Many places look wild and unexplored inviting us to discover them.

We are aware of their vulnerability and we take it into account in all our actions

Our enclave is a good example of this natural wealth:

The Moroccan northeast coast with its extensive beaches and the mountains that start the Rif mountain range.


Briech Quoass-Akwass & surroundings

This small fishing village is located between the mouths of the Grifa and Tahadart rivers.

It is a perfect place for lovers of water sports, endless beaches and tranquility.

Behind them, gentle hills extend to the beginning of the Rif mountain range.

The marshes take center stage in the landscape as far as the city of Asilah , where the coast changes radically, finding us with beautiful cliff beaches.


Morocco is a generous and hospitable country with Arab, African and Mediterranean cultural influences.

This diversity constitutes an identity of which Moroccans are very aware, preserving in their historical heritage, their traditions and customs.

We are 8 km from Asilah and 35 km from the city of Tangier, which was once an international city and a place of inspiration for many artists. Currently it offers a very wide cultural offer that you can enjoy daily.

The rural context in which we are located shows us a population dedicated to agriculture, livestock and fishing in a traditional and sustainable way.

This combination positions us in a strategic place for creative development and immersion in this unique culture .


The pearl of the Atlantic has one of the best-kept medinas in Morocco as well as being an important center for art.

In August the Asilah Arts Festival is held where international artists and musicians

they meet on its streets.

We can also find numerous art and craft galleries as a good exhibition of cultural diversity.


Outside of the old town, life explodes at dusk and the streets fill with its people, enjoying a center full of bazaars, shops and markets of all kinds.